Whether it’s a bike tour around Lake Gremmin and the “City of Iron” FERROPOLIS, practicing daredevil jumps at the wakeboard facility on the Goitzsche or paddling adventures on the Elbe – the World Heritage Region is an oasis for sporty nature lovers!

On long hikes you will discover the intrinsic beauty and tranquility of the natural areas and enjoy the wide range of regional products. You can find the right souvenir to take home at the KiekinPott regional store in Zerbst, where you can round off your trip at the local adventure pool.

WelterbeRegion Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg e.V.
Neustraße 13
06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Phone: 03491 / 40 26 10
Fax: 03491 / 40 58 57

E-mail: info@anhalt-dessau-wittenberg.de
Website: www.anhalt-dessau-wittenberg.de


3 days Active through the World Heritage Region.
Day 1 – On the edge of the Düben Heath

Ferropolis Gräfenhainichen



Start of the 3-day tour in Ferropolis with admission and bike rental for individual exploration of the region around Gremminer See.


21,00 EUR

With the World HeritageCard, admission is free, as is the rental of bicycles.

Irrgarten Altjeßnitz


Maze in the Altjeßnitz Manor Park

Conquer the largest among the few preserved historical hedge gardens in Germany with 2,600 square meters and find the right way to the viewing platform!


3,00 EUR

Free visit to the maze.

Roter Turm Pouch_Philip Wagner_Gemeinde Muldestausee_klein


Red Tower Pouch

Short pit stop at the Red Tower in Pouch with probably the most beautiful view over the region!


1,50 EUR

Free tower climb.

HeideSpa_Heidespa-Paar A4 gespiegelt_Touren


Heide Spa Hotel & Resort

Relax in the Heide Spa Hotel & Resort in Bad Düben with five different saunas and a unique bathing area


13,00 EUR

With the World HeritageCard you get 3 hours of bathing free of charge.

Wilhelms Turm Schöne Aussicht_Anja Knorr (2)_Web


Restaurant "Schöne Aussicht" Bad Schmiedeberg

Enjoy the magnificent view of the Elbe valley while having dinner in the 30-meter high Bad Schmiedeberg Kaiser Wilhelm Tower. Dinner is not included in the World HeritageCard.


1,00 EUR

Free ascent of the observation deck.

Day 2 – Coswig (Anhalt) & Dessau

Coswig Fähre


Ferry ride Coswig

1 hour drive to Coswig, then crossing by ferry to Coswig.


5,00 EUR

Free crossing with the World HeritageCard.

Paddeltour Elbe_Anja Knorr (24)_klein

10:00 - 13:00

Paddling adventure Coswig

One and a half hour paddle on the Elbe from Coswig to Vockerode and bus transfer back to Coswig. Please register in advance at www.paddelabenteuer.de


25,00 EUR

With the World HeritageCard, visitors take part in a free paddling tour “World Heritage Special T10” (paddling time approx. 1.5 hours).

Grand City Radisson Fürst Leopold


Lunch at the Radisson Blu Dessau

Continue to Dessau in a half-hour drive. Have lunch at the new Prime Restaurant at Radisson Blu Dessau and get 10% off your order.

Dessau Meisterhäuser


Bicycle rental in Dessau

Check into your hotel: If you stay at the City-Penion Dessau, you can borrow a bike for one day free of charge with the World HeritageCard.


10,00 EUR

Borrow a bike for free with the World HeritageCard.

Meisterhäuser, Dessau © WelterbeRegion Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg, Uwe Weigel, 2020 (2)


Master houses Dessau

On your tour you will stop at the Dessau Masters’ Houses and then continue your journey to the Georgengarten to Georgium Palace – home of the Anhalt Picture Gallery.

Tip. With the World HeritageCard, you receive free admission to the three Bauhaus buildings: the Masters’ Houses, the Bauhaus Building and the Bauhaus Museum.


9,00 EUR

With the World HeritageCard you get free admission to the Masters’ Houses.



Kurt Weill Center Dessau

Short stop at the Kurt Weill Center Dessau. In the reconstructed Moholy-Nagy House, one of the famous master houses, there is an interesting permanent exhibition on the life and work of the unique stage composer under the title “Kurt Weill – a citizen of the world and Dessau”.


8,50 EUR

Free music box in high quality packaging with the September song when visiting the Kurt Weill Center.

Anhaltische Gemäldegalerie im Schloss Georgium


Anhalt Picture Gallery

The Anhaltische Gemäldegalerie Dessau is the art museum in the Garden Kingdom. Its holdings of paintings, drawings and prints make it the most important collection of Old Masters in Saxony-Anhalt.


8,50 EUR

With the World HeritageCard you get free admission to the exhibition. The public tour can be booked for 5,50 EUR.


Schloss Luisium, Dessau © WelterbeRegion Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg, Uwe Weigel, 2020


Luisium Palace and Park

Prince Franz von Anhalt-Dessau had the small country house built by Friedrich Wilhelm von Erdmannsdorff for his wife Louise as a private residence. Today, Luisium Palace and Park are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz.


9,00 EUR

With the World HeritageCard you get a free guided tour of the castle. Combined castle and park tours by appointment.



Dinner at Hugo's Steakhouse Dessau

Enjoy an aperitif or dessert free of charge at Hugos Steakhaus & Bar in Goldpark Dessau as a welcome drink or after your main course.


7,00 EUR

Pick a complimentary dessert or appetizer when you order a main course.

Day 3 – Zerbst / Anhalt



Sporty start to the day: golfing

Discover the driving range including balls and clubs at Golf-Park Dessau e.V.


7,00 EUR

With the World HeritageCard you can use the driving range including balls and clubs free of charge.

Zerbst Denkmal Katharina (c) DieII

Excursion to Zerbst/Anhalt

The tour continues to the former royal seat of Zerbst, 25 minutes away.

St. Bartholomäi mit Dickem Turm_Zerbst_klein


City tour Zerbst

Find out on a guided tour of the city what the Golden Butter Maiden and the venerable stone Roland are all about and what Catherine the Great has in common with the town.

Note: Guided tours take place from Easter-Oct, every 2nd Saturday of the month at 14:00.


3,50 EUR

With the World HeritageCard you get a free public guided tour of the city.



14:30 - 18:00

Regional store KiekinPott

Walk individually along the tourist route
Route “Catherine the Great”.
Directly on the route is the regional store KiekinPott, where you can choose between a variety of regional products, gift ideas and Regiokisten.


5,00 EUR

With the World HeritageCard you get 1 bottle of Zerbst bitter beer for free (from a purchase value of 25 €).

Zerbst Erlebnisbad

Until 19:00 / 20:00

Adventure pool Zerbst

In the adventure pool Zerbst there is bathing fun for the whole family to end the day fresh and sparkling.


3,00 EUR

World HeritageCard users receive 3 hours free admission.

Discover also the adventure route planner "Zerbst/Anhalt


127,00 EUR

World HeritageCard 3 days

44,90 EUR

You save per person

82,10 EUR

Further tour suggestions of the World HeritageCard

In Dessau there are more Bauhaus buildings to admire than in any other city. Go deep into the history of the Bauhaus city and discover the modern architecture that changed the world. The Wörlitz Park, on the other hand, impresses with its unique landscape architecture.

More tour suggestions

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Bauhaus Tour

Visitors can experience even more Bauhaus on our 24-hour tour of Dessau.

You save per person

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Landscape architecture in Wörlitz Park

Unique park landscapes in Wörlitz Park in 24 hours.

You save per person

Europaradweg R1

The R1 runs for more than 260 kilometers from the Lower Saxony state border in the west across Saxony-Anhalt to Brandenburg. Discover no less than 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites along the bike path.

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