Martin Luther is one of the most important German theologians and famous worldwide. With his posting of the theses on October 31, 1517, Luther laid the foundation for the Protestant Church. Luther’s protest against the sale of indulgences was more than just a rebellion against the ruling Catholic Church. With the reflection on what man is and what God gives him, modesty and self-responsible action became the authoritative pillars of faith. The town and castle churches, as well as the Luther House and the Melanchthon House, have been UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1996.

Lutherstadt Wittenberg is considered THE world-renowned Luther city. Here, guests are welcome to walk in the footsteps of Luther and his companions in the castle and town church, the Luther House and the Melanchthon House.


Collegienstraße 54
06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Phone: 03491 – 4 20 30




Luther & Reformation
Unique Wittenberg

Hotel Best Western Wittenberg

Our overnight tip

Best Western soibelmanns Hotel

Take advantage of a very special benefit with the World HeritageCard when booking at least. one night at the Best Western soibelmanns Hotel and get a free Luther thesis incl. Nail as a souvenir.


4,50 EUR

Free of charge with the World HeritageCard.

Start of your 24-hour tour:

Audio_Guide_TI Wittenberg_Touren


Tourist Information Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Wittenberg’s Castle Church, Luther House and Melanchthon House: Discover the old town of Lutherstadt Wittenberg on your own with an audio guide available at the Tourist Information. The audio guide provides interesting information about all the sights.


8,00 EUR

Free of charge with the World HeritageCard.



Melanchthon House

The Melanchthon House is considered one of the most beautiful town houses in the city of Wittenberg. On a tour you can explore the life and everyday life of the reformer Philipp Melanchthon.


5,00 EUR

With the World HeritageCard you get free admission.

Lutherhaus Wittenberg


Luther House

The nearby Luther House served as the reformer’s residence, and here he lectured to students from all over Europe.

Tip: Use the World HeritageCard to visit the free children’s exhibition in the Luther House.


8,00 EUR

Free admission with the World HeritageCard.

Getränkeruntersetzer Set_Luther Hotel


Lunch at Luther Hotel

If you have lunch at the Luther Hotel Wittenberg and eat a main course, you will receive a Luther Reformation Pilsener (0.3l) fresh from the barrel for free.


3,10 EUR

When you eat a main course, you get a Luther Reformation Pilsener (0.3l) fresh from the barrel for free.


Limo von Bora Restaurant_200x200


Lunch at von Bora Restaurant

In thehistoric walls of the Lutherhaus in Wittenberg, the team of the von Bora Restaurant led by Claudia Hartlöhner will serve youmodern German dishes with Mediterranean influences – interpreted in anew and unusual way .


3,00 EUR

On presentation of the World Heritage Card you will receive a homemade a homemade lemonade according to the daily offer.offer 0,25 l is served free of charge.

Note: Von Bora Restaurant is open for lunch only from Friday to Sunday.



Castle Church

Martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg in 1517. Today, Luther’s and Melanchthon’s graves can be visited inside the church.


3,00 EUR

With the World HeritageCard you get access to the castle church without paying the preservation fee.

DEU/Sachsen-Anhalt / (©  Elberadweg Süd)
Elberadweg in Wittenberg


Cranach houses

In Wittenberg’s Cranach Houses, the Cranach Foundation displays the rich work of the famous family of painters in a historic setting.


7,00 EUR

With the World HeritageCard you get free admission.

Asisi Panorama außen, Lutherstadt Wittenberg © WelterbeRegion Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg, Uwe Weigel, 2020


Asisi Panorama "Luther 1517

Visit Yadegar Asisi’s panorama “Luther 1517” to get a city view of Wittenberg 500 years ago.


13,00 EUR

With the World HeritageCard the entrance is free of charge.



Paint kitchen

For a very different way to engage with the city’s world heritage, check out the Paint Kitchen. While making the colors from surprising ingredients, you learn backgrounds and stories about the city.


4,50 EUR

With the World HeritageCard free 45-min. Colored World Heritage Workshop. Call and make your appointment!


The 24-hour World HeritageCard loses its validity at 08:59 the next day.


59,10 EUR

World HeritageCard 24 hours
24,90 EUR

You save per person

34,20 EUR

Further tour suggestions of the World HeritageCard

Not far from Wittenberg, two UNESCO World Heritage Sites await visitors to Dessau: the famous Bauhaus building with its master houses and the enchanting Dessau-Wörlitz Garden Kingdom. Here you will experience lush garden splendor and baroque castles.

UNESCO-World Heritage

24 hours tour

On the way in the Garden Kingdom Dessau-Wörlitz

Magnificent castles and dreamy sightlines, world-famous landscape parks and idyllic grounds with botanical abundance. Discover, for example, the first English landscape garden in Europe in Wörlitz.

24 hours Dessau

Perfect combination of tradition and modernity

From the Kornhaus in the north to the Dessau-Törten estate in the south: Dessau has more Bauhaus buildings to admire than any other city.

You save per person

Can it be a little more sporty?

By bike through the World Heritage Region!

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