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Enjoy an unforgettable day tour through the former Anhalt residence towns of Bernburg an der Saale, Köthen in Anhalt and the Bauhaus town of Dessau. Listen to the music of the brilliant master of baroque music Johann Sebastian Bach in Köthen and follow the footsteps of Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius in Dessau. In the Saale town of Bernburg, churches and historic buildings such as the famous Bernburg Castle, also known as the “Crown of Anhalt,” are reminders of the stately times of the dynasty of Anhalt-Bernburg and lend the town an unmistakable charm. The gourmet tour is rounded off by culinary experiences in a historical ambience.

World Heritage Region
Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg e.V.

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24 hours tour
A day between Bernburg, Köthen & Dessau

Bernburg Eulenspiegelturm


Bernburg (Saale)

Start your day in the former residential town of Bernburg with the Bernburg Zoo and the Renaissance castle, also called the crown of Anhalt. From the Eulenspiegel tower in Bernburg Castle you can enjoy an unforgettable view from a height of 38 meters.


9,00 EUR

With the World HeritageCard, admission to the zoo (7.00 EUR) and to the Eulenspiegel tower (2.00 EUR) is free of charge.

Continue to Köthen (Anhalt), 21 km away:



Brewery Köthen

During the lunch stop at the Brauhaus Köthen in the middle of the Köthen city center, you will enjoy a house beer and home-baked Treberbrot with lard free of charge with your main course.


7,00 EUR

With the World HeritageCard you get a Treberbrot with lard and 0,3 l house beer for free when ordering a main course.

Schloss Köthen


Bach city Köthen

In half an hour drive you reach the “Bachstadt” Köthen. Almost all the sights of the city, such as the Historical Museum with exhibitions on Johann Sebastian Bach, are within walking distance. Be sure to visit the museums in Köthen Castle.


6,00 EUR

The World HeritageCard allows free admission to the museums.

Köthen Jakobskirche


Jakobskirche Köthen with tower ascent & princely crypt

You can climb the tower of the Jakobskirche in Köthen free of charge and gain access to the magnificent coffins of the princely crypt during a guided tour.
Note: The crypt tours take place on the first Saturday of each month at 3 pm.


7,00 EUR

Free ascent to the bridge of the two towers of St. Jacob’s Church (2.00 EUR) and a free guided tour of the princely crypt (5.00 EUR).

Kaffee Hannemann018_b


Coffee roaster Hannemann

Make a coffee stop at the Hannemann coffee roastery in Köthen. Here you will receive 1 can of World Heritage coffee for free and learn about the fine art of coffee roasting.


7,99 EUR

1 can of World Heritage coffee (150 g) beans or ground free with the World HeritageCard.


Rittergut Maxdorf


Maxdorf manor

The ten-minute detour to Rittergut Maxdorf rewards you with a centuries-old noble residence in Baroque style, whose restaurant serves fresh, regional cuisine and in-house wine. Enjoy a cup of coffee here and get the art guide Rittergut Maxdorf for free.


6,30 EUR

With the World HeritageCard you receive a cup of coffee and an art guide Rittergut Maxdorf.



Museum synagogue Gröbzig

Only 20 min. drive from Köthen, lies a real gem. On the former. property of the Jewish community, now the Museum Synagogue Gröbzig, you will experience a fascinating insight into the world of Judaism.
Note: The museum is open on Sundays and holidays from 10-17, see website for current opening hours.


4,50 EUR

Free admission to the museum.

Kunstprojekt Sachsenspiegel mit Radfahrern, Reppichau © WelterbeRegion Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg, Uwe Weigel, 2020 (2)


Art Project Saxon Mirror Reppichau

Only 15 min. drive from Köthen, lies the tranquil town of Reppichau, home to Germany’s first open-air museum of German and European medieval legal history.


3,00 EUR

Free admission to the museum. Guided tour 5,00 EUR.

Continue to Dessau-Roßlau, 22 km away:

Bauhaus Dessau_300x300


Bauhaus Dessau

The tour continues to the Bauhaus city of Dessau. In Dessau, you cannot avoid a visit to the Bauhaus. No other German city has so many original Bauhaus buildings. Visit the Bauhaus or the Masters’ Houses or the Bauhaus Museum.


9,00 EUR

Bauhaus, Master Houses and Bauhaus Museum are included in the World HeritageCard as 3 individual services.



Dinner at Hugos

Dinner at Hugo’s Steakhouse at Golf Park Dessau. Here you get a dessert or aperitif with your main course for free.


7,00 EUR

With the World HeritageCard you get an aperitif or dessert for free as a welcome drink or after your main course.

Dessau Anhaltisches Theater


Anhalt Theater Dessau

At the Anhaltisches Theater Dessau, as one of the largest stage houses in Europe, you will receive a discount of 5 EUR on the normal price for an event.


5,00 EUR

World HeritageCard users receive a 5 EUR discount on their tickets.


Our tip

Day ticket Dessau

Reach the World HeritageCard offers in Dessau-Roßlau comfortably with the DVG bus.


Check current prices

Free day ticket for the Dessau-Roßlau city area with the World HeritageCard.


The 24-hour World HeritageCard loses its validity at 08:59 the next day.

Discover also the adventure route planner "Köthen (Anhalt)".


57,99 EUR

World HeritageCard 24 hours

24,90 EUR

You save per person

33,09 EUR

Further tour suggestions of the World HeritageCard

24 hours is not enough for you and instead you want to dive deep into the rich history of the World Heritage Region? Then we recommend the following tours:

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