Köthen (Anhalt) as a former royal seat in the heart of Anhalt, lives and breathes more than nine centuries of rich history. Walking through the lovingly restored old town, it is easy to follow the traces of those personalities who carried the name of the city all over the world until today. Johann Sebastian Bach lived and worked for six years as court kapellmeister at the court of Prince Leopold of Anhalt-Köthen, where he created unforgettable works such as the Brandenburg Concertos. Go in search of traces of the cradle of homeopathy, discover the collection of the founder of Central European ornithology, Johann Friedrich Naumann, and explore Köthen’s landmarks, such as the Cathedral Church of St. Jacob with its twin towers.

Köthen Information in the castle

Castle Square 5
06366 Köthen (Anhalt)

Phone: 03496 70099260

Fax: 03496-7009929

E-mail: info@bachstadt-koethen.de

Website: www.bachstadt-koethen.de


Where Bach meets homeopathy
An unforgettable day in Köthen (Anhalt)

Köthen Audio Guide


We recommend the Köthener Tourist Information on Schloßplatz as a starting point for the tour. Here you can get a lot more information about Köthen sights, events, etc. Note: You can park your car all day at the Schloßplatz, because everything is very easy to reach on foot.

Schloss Köthen


Köthen Castle

Start with a visit to the museums in Köthen Castle: You will gain insight into Köthen’s time as a royal seat, learn interesting facts about Bach’s and Hahnemann’s creative period in Köthen and their importance for the city.


6,00 EUR

With the World HeritageCard you receive the Castle Card for free admission to the museums in Köthen Castle.

Köthen Jakobskirche


St. James Church & Prince's Crypt

Climb up the towers of St. Jacob’s Church, which offers a unique view of the city, and visit the magnificent coffins in the princely crypt.


7,00 EUR

Free ascent of the tower and guided tour of the princely crypt with the World HeritageCard.


11:30 a.m.

Lunch at the Brauhaus Köthen

Stop for lunch at the Brauhaus Köthen – one of the oldest houses in the city. Enjoy here the probably most beautiful beer garden of Köthen with approx. 90 seats.


7,00 EUR

With the World HeritageCard, visitors receive a house beer (0.3 l) and a Treberbrot free of charge. Lunch is not included in the World HeritageCard.

Köthen: Badwelt Köthen -


Relaxation in the bathing world

Take an atmospheric time-out in the Köthener Badewelt with sauna use.


19,50 EUR

Free day ticket with sauna use with the World HeritageCard.

Köthen Kaffee Hannemann


Coffee roaster Hannemann

Visit the Hannemann coffee roastery for a short coffee break and take home a tin of World Heritage coffee as a personal gift.


7,99 EUR

1 can of World Heritage coffee (150 g) beans or ground free with the World HeritageCard.


The 24-hour World HeritageCard loses its validity the next day at 09:59!

Discover also the adventure route planner "Köthen (Anhalt)".


46,99 EUR

World HeritageCard 24 hours

24,90 EUR

You save per person

22,09 EUR

Alternative program for the afternoon

IMG_9827 (1)_Web


Public Guided tour of the city (first Saturday of the month)

Experience 900 years of city history in an entertaining 90-minute public guided tour.

Tip. This is always followed by one of the rare guided tours through the princely crypt of St. Jacob’s Church from 3:00 p.m. (included in the World HeritageCard).


4,50 EUR

Free public guided tour of the city from April-October.

Kunstprojekt Reppichau

13:00 - 17:00

Art Project Saxon Mirror Reppichau

At the gates of the city of Köthen in Reppichau, the first open-air museum for German and European medieval legal history pays tribute to the author of the Sachsenspiegel: Eike von Repgow. Get to know the art project Sachsenspiegel in a guided tour.


3,00 EUR

Free admission to the museum.

Rittergut Maxdorf


Maxdorf manor

Study the history of the Maxdorf manor, located near Köthen, over a cup of coffee and learn more about the inhabitants of the manor (incl. art guide).

Tip. Guided tour with Princess Henriette into the past of the estate (not included in the World HeritageCard).


6,30 EUR

1 cup of coffee and an art guide free with the World HeritageCard.

Further tour suggestions of the World HeritageCard

Anhalt has much more to offer: Follow in the footsteps of Catherine the Great in Zerbst or discover the mountain town on the beautiful Saale, Bernburg, with the “Crown of Anhalt”.

24 hours tour for connoisseurs

History and culture

Feast and enjoy culture in the Anhalt cities of Bernburg and Köthen. Add to this a detour to the Bauhaus in Dessau and the tour for connoisseurs is complete!

You save per person

3 days through the residential cities of Anhalt

Zerbst - Köthen -Bernburg

In the heart of Anhalt, the Bach city of Köthen (Anhalt), the castle in Bernburg known as “Anhalt’s crown” and the hometown of Catherine the Great in Zerbst are waiting to be discovered by you.

You save per person

On the R1 through Saxony-Anhalt

Discover the World Heritage Region on an active vacation by bike.

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