General Terms and Conditions


General Terms and Conditions of the WelterbeRegion Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg e.V. (hereinafter referred to as WR ADW e.V.) for the WelterbeCard / World Heritage Card (as of 21.06.2022)

For the issuance and use of the WelterbeCard / World Heritage Card, the following terms and conditions are deemed agreed:

1. business basis:
By purchasing a WelterbeCard / World HeritageCard, no direct contracts are concluded with the service providers named in the accompanying booklet. WER ADW e. V. itself does not provide any services in the sense of a service provider, it merely arranges the use of the services that can be used with the WelterbeCard / World HeritageCard. The cardholder concludes the respective contract with the service provider directly himself before or by using the presented service. The service providers offer the cardholder the use of the services listed in the current WelterbeCard / World Heritage Card travel guide for a one-time lump-sum payment under the conditions specified therein during the period of validity of the WelterbeCard / World Heritage Card.

2. scope of services:
The service providers have undertaken to make their services designated as WelterbeCard/ World Heritage Card services available to WelterbeCard / World Heritage Card holders in full and without restriction during the season during normal business hours and in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Carriage or Business. However, the operating hours of some service providers do not cover the entire period of validity of the WelterbeCard / World Heritage Card, mainly due to weather and seasonal circumstances. Restrictions may also result from individual locks. The scope of WelterbeCard / World Heritage Card services and how to obtain them can be found in the WelterbeCard / World Heritage Card Travel Guide. The scope of services may be limited depending on the type of card. The granting of discounted services is subject to their availability. There are no warranty claims against WER ADW e. V. The latter merely acts as an agent for the services listed. WER ADW e. V. is not liable for the services to be provided by the service provider, its service descriptions and classifications as well as any service disruptions that may occur. The exchange and return of tickets are excluded.

3. validity:
The season (acceptance period), during which the services of the service providers can be used, always begins on January 01. and ends on December 31. of a current year. The validity period depends on the chosen type of card (variant one: 3 arbitrarily selectable days within the calendar year; variant two: 24 hours). The period of validity of variant one begins on the day of first use and ends no later than midnight on 31.12.2022. The validity period of variant two starts with the first use and ends after 23 h 59 min and 59 sec. Unused usage days/hours cannot be carried over to the following acceptance period. On the other hand, unused WelterbeCard / World Heritage Cards (which were not scanned anywhere during the period of use) can still be used in the following season.

4. prices:
The prices for the Adult World Heritage Card, Children’s World Heritage Card and FamilyCard stated in the World Heritage Card travel guide apply.

5. children’s cards:
When purchasing an adult ticket and when purchased by an adult, children between the ages of 5 and 14 inclusive receive a discounted WelterbeCard / World Heritage Card. Children up to and including 4 years of age receive free admission without a WelterbeCard / World Heritage Card.

6. family card: this type of card is valid for a family of max. 5 persons consisting of min. 1 and max. 2 adults may consist. You
is transferable within the family. The card can be used by a family only as a unit (family members do not receive individual cards) and entitles to all services according to the listing in the WelterbeCard / World Heritage Card travel guide.

7. use:
In order to obtain the Card benefits, the Cardholder shall present his/her WelterbeCard / World Heritage Card, which shall be checked for validity by the service provider using a reader (technical system) prior to his/her individual contract conclusion. Each service listed in the guide or on this website can be used once within the card period of the 24-h Card or once within the card period of the 3-day Card (incl. FamilyCard), depending on the card type. Exceptions to this are marked separately in the guidebook or on this website.

8. cancellation / cancellation by the service provider (organizer)
In cases where the service provider (organizer) has to cancel for reasons for which he cannot be held responsible, he is released from his obligation to perform. In this case, the claim to the performance of the service or to the possible payment of damages shall lapse. In this case, the service provider (organizer) is also not obligated to procure a replacement for the service exempted for him.
Such cases may occur due to force majeure, labor disputes, riots, official measures and prohibitions, public warnings (here e.g. in case of refusal of liability insurance for the service provider/organizer in case of severe weather warning, high water, low water, epidemic and pandemic as well as terror warning etc.) as well as other unforeseeable, unavoidable and serious events which make the concrete provision of services impossible. Force majeure shall be deemed to exist in the case of external events which are unforeseeable and unusual and which cannot be prevented or rendered harmless by economically acceptable means, even by the utmost care reasonably to be expected in the circumstances.

9. abuse:
In the event of misuse or suspicion of misuse, the service providers are entitled or obliged to withhold the WelterbeCard / World Heritage Card without compensation. The cardholder is liable for misuse of the WelterbeCard / World Heritage Card by third parties. In the event of theft or loss, he/she is obliged to report this incident by calling +49 3491 – 402610, whereby there is no entitlement to a new WelterbeCard / World Heritage Card being issued free of charge.

10. place of jurisdiction
Lutherstadt Wittenberg shall be deemed agreed as the place of jurisdiction.

WelterbeRegion Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg e.V., Neustraße 13, 06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany
Tel. 0049 3491 – 40 26 10, Fax: 0049 3491 – 40 58 57

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